Can three ordinary kids change the world?

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Deep inside a mountain crater an angel  materializes before three stunned teenagers sending them on a quest to  find 20 enchanted crystals. These are no ordinary crystals, their  fractals, once activated, will illuminate the planet and change the world  for the better.

In France, Jesse enters the domain of a terrifying witch and her fanged wolfhound guarding the crystals. In Oregon, Nikki can’t make friends but must gather an ace team to search for an abandoned crystal mine. 

In New Zealand  Chaz must explore sacred Maori caves, but has to convince a fearsome  soothsayer, and her zany cave guide, to let him look for crystals.  

How do Jesse, Nikki and Chaz manage to ditch nosy parents?—overcome  being lost?—avoid falling to their death?—evade primeval curses, fierce  changelings and supernatural phenomenon? To find out, read The Crystal Chain, an extraordinary exploit filled with daring, magic, mystery and the paranormal.  

A glossary at the end is helpful for readers 11 to 14 with additional  information on crystals, mines, arctic sea ice melting, the  International Space Station, how world time zones work, keeping clock  time in space, interstellar communications, famous astronomers and more. 


The Reluctant Ghost of Brivalle Castle

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Twins, Aimée and Juliette, are shocked by their parent’s pronouncement, “We’re sending you to boarding school.” So unfair! Still, no amount of crying or pouting changes their sentence. Soon, they quit the quiet countryside of France for the Abbey, an uncommon school for girls with paranormal abilities. The uncommon becomes the unbelievable when a gyrating timeline-vortex hurls them back to the 1600s, to an outlandish abbey run by a mysterious sisterhood. Once there, the girls discover their own roommate is possessed by a ghost that’s ruining her life. Never ones to dodge a mystery, the twins set out to solve Charlotte’s haunting, forced to trek through the feared forbidden forest to seek help from an impulsive wizard. To avoid the Abbess and her rules, and a bevy of unforgettable characters, the girls must scheme and sneak around them all, creating a detective team of the highest order.

Does Charlotte’s ghost get released to the afterlife? 

Who survives the beast-ridden forest and the wizard’s curses? 

Join the all-girl paranormal detective team and find out.

About the Author

Judi Valentine grew up hanging out in the dense woods and granite mountains of the great state Maine. She was always scribbling about something, and when compelling adventures popped into her head, she penned them into stories. Over the last several years, she has written fiction for young readers, and crime stories for the not so young. The Reluctant Ghost of Brivalle Castle is her second novel and the first book of a new series.  In March of 2017, she published her first novel for young readers, The Crystal Chain. Over the years, Judi has had short stories and articles published in regional publications in Maine and Maryland.